text + drawings

Location: Claremont, WA

Design Team: Ohlo Studio in Collaboration with Georgia Kaw

Artworks: Georgia Kaw and Claire Peak

Photo credits: Kristoffer Paulsen

Shortlisted for the Retail Design Category in the 2017 Interior Design Excellence Awards 

The Dilettante store is an extension of the edgy, contemporary product it houses. It needed to welcome clients by providing a unique physical experience; considered, minimal, tactile and experimental. Architecturally sparse, the space allows the product to take centre stage while still including conspicuous texture and detail.

Artist Georgia Kaw collaborated with Ohlo Studio on the design and produced a series of compressed polystyrene functional objects. Together we were interested in the physical and metaphysical properties attached to forms and colours – what makes an object culturally and physically recognisable? How can this be manipulated?