tawarri baths



text + drawings

Location : Dalkeith, WA

Design Team : Ohlo Studio + Crain Nener + Nic Brundson Architecture.

Competition Submission : Tawarri Baths

Ohlo Studio were invited to collaborate on this competition scheme. While the scheme was unsuccessful, we are proud of the design response which had the potential to be an outstanding built form and community asset. 

Our collaborative approach to a new building on the historic Tawarri site was dictated by a sympathetic intension to respect, preserve and frame the existing landscape and amenity. Archetypal Western Australian materials are employed in a strong, iconic design that gently weaves interior and exterior spaces together to create spa and retreat spaces for both intimacy and togetherness. Forms were designed to emulate experiences found in the natural Australian landscape. 

Our design eschews the natural tendency to provide a glazed frontage to the river, instead offering a floor plate with a central ‘gorge’ and perforated edge that frames views to key, maintaining privacy for both spa guests and river-front pedestrians. The design promotes passive cooling, protection from prevailing winds and multiple and unique atmospheres in relation to the landscape and building amenities.