loma collection



text + drawings

‘LOMA SHOW’ is the name for a series of events curated by Georgia Kaw and Jen Lowe (Ohlo Studio). The images pictured here are works produced by Ohlo Studio for the latest ‘Loma Show event titled ‘Murky Territories’. 

Loma Show presents a unique space between art and design that focuses on local makers and the exploration of innovative material processes. The Loma Show series attempts to stimulate new dialogues concerning; site-specificity, form vs function and the differing roles of the exhibition space, private space and public space.

Contemporary art is dominated by conceptualism, performance and video art. We aim to create a fresh focus on local makers who are working with explorative material processes. Increasingly, international makers are feeding innovations in material processes and practices horizontally across the design and art worlds through explorative approaches to material and manufacture development; invigorating both worlds and throwing light on new ways of working across an expanding environment.

Art objects are considered the most unique and fetishized objects in the world. However, these objects are often relatively inaccessible financially, conceptually or due to their ephemeral nature. The purpose of design objects is to operate within a functional environment. However, the demand for commercial production of design objects means they lose uniqueness, handmade qualities and an innovative aesthetic. The presentation of these objects is also often within a deadening commercial environment leaving little to the imagination.

We therefore want to combine these ideas to create a dynamic space that presents functionality inspired artistic objects within a uniquely curated interior environment. What these objects have in common (functional or not), is that they are all “one-offs” (therefore precious), handmade of form and material focused and all have a function within an interior environment.