dune house



text + drawings

Location : City Beach, WA

Design Team : Ohlo Studio with Simon Pendal Architect, CAPA Landscape Design and Rossbrook Constructon

Photo Credits : Jack Lovel

Designed for a young couple with a passion for food, art, a coastal lifestyle and design history, Ohlo Studio, Simon Pendal Architect and Steven Postmus from CAPA came together to deliver the ‘Dune House’.

The brief was to create a sophisticated, coastal, family retreat. It was to play to the strengths of the existing architectural design language in developing a finely-detailed, contemporary home that allows our clients’ love for art, design and architecture to shine through.

The 1960’s modernist home was given a new life as the entire house and property were stripped-back (to walls and floors only) and repaired, restored and re-imagined. Environmental sympathies were expressed through this approach to the original architecture and conscientious selections of quality materials that will age well. This house is an act of preservation and upgrade and our clients should be applauded for their decision to retain this modest dwelling.

The challenge was to re-plan the interior of the dilapidated home and create spaces that would evolve with the growth of the clients’ family. The creation of strong connections with outdoor spaces to increase opportunities for outdoor living guided the interior layout and governed our approach to openings to the exterior and hard landscaping.

A guiding ethos for the home was better space rather than more space. The focus was on quality, functional areas and joinery that create a life of ease and beauty without excess.